Meet Our Team

Bill Welch

Bill was a police officer for 25 years in Marin County, retiring in 2010. Bill worked in several specialized fields during his law enforcement career, including K9, Investigations, training officer, motor officer, D.A.R.E. instructor and was a child abuse forensic interviewer. Bill founded NBSG in 2010 and is passionate about school and business safety, and the welfare of our youth and communities. Bill is also a certified CPR/AED and First Aid instructor and a certified G.R.E.A.T. instructor.

Jim Shirk

Jim was in the U.S. Military prior to getting into Law Enforcement, spending time in Germany. He transitioned into law Enforcement and retired from a Marin County Police Agency as a Captain. Jim is a huge asset to NBSG. He is empathic, knowledgeable, and passionate about the work he is involved in, representing NBSG. Jim leads at risk youth groups, visits San Quentin with youth and attends the Student Attendance Review Board for Novato Unified School District. Jim is also a CPR/AED and First Aid instructor.

Kevin Briggs

Kevin spent his early years in the U.S. Military, then began a career working for from the California Highway Patrol, where he retired as a Sergeant. Kevin is an author, conducted a TED Talk and is nationally recognized as an expert in suicide prevention. Kevin is an amazing resource, he is caring, compassionate and devoted to helping youth, families and the community. NBSG is privileged to have him with us.

Matthew Thomas

Matt retired from Law Enforcement after a 20+ year career. Matt began in Mill Valley and later transferred to Petaluma Police Department, where he retired. He was a hostage negotiator, as well as working in many other specialties during his career. Matt has run Every 15-minute Program for the two High Schools in Petaluma, even after retiring. Matt is also a certified CPR and First Aid instructor and a G.R.E.A.T. INSTRUCTOR.

Tanya Ruano

Tanya was born and raised in Novato. Tanya has worked at various school sites for six years, prior to coming to work with NBSG in 2022. Tanya worked as a campus supervisor, supporting restorative practices at the middle and high schools, and assisted with a tobacco Grant, meeting with students that faced discipline around the use and/or possession of tobacco products. Tanya believes in building strong relationships with staff, students, and the community.

Kyle Welch

Kyle began working part time for NBSG in 2018. During that time, Kyle assisted in running safety drills and site security during school events. While working part time with NBSG, Kyle has also been traveling around the U.S, working for various automotive race teams as a lead mechanic, coaching drivers and conducting diagnostics on cars.