North Bay Security Group
Safety Consultants


Active Shooter/Active Intruder

Active shooter/active intruder training is focused on getting your staff's concerns identified and helping to address the fears they may have. We will conduct a walk through of the premises and advise of areas that could have their safety improved and help you revise or create a safety plan. We will give a presentation providing information about active shooter and intruder incidents and what responses are necessary to save lives if you have one occur. We teach de-escalation techniques as well as methods to be more aware of your surroundings at work and throughout your daily life. At the end of the presentation we will run through a scenario to allow the group to practice their training and ease any fears or anxiety they may have.

Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared when a disaster or emergency occurs can make all the difference. We will help you assess your location and current emergency resources to help your create a safety plan. Some of the emergencies we help you prepare for are earthquakes, fires, gas leaks, bomb threats, floods, a car crashing in to your building, crimes, and more. We will teach your staff the Incident Command System (ICS) which is what police and firefighters use to effectively manage even very large emergencies. Each staff member will understand their specific role and responsilbities, as well as be taught how to safely do their job. We will walk through a scenario based exercise of an actual emergency event to help reinforce the training and practice effective communication. All of this will give your staff the confidence and skills needed to save lives in an actual emergency.

Site Safety Evaluation

We will help you to provide a safe workplace for your staff by thoroughly evaluating your site. We will conduct a detailed evaluation of your facilities including points of access for the public and staff, locks, windows, cameras and lighting (both indoor and outdoor), environmental concerns (landscaping, neighborhood, vehicle traffic, open space, etc.) and evacuation routes to list a few of the things we check. We will then review your existing safety plans and help to revise them create new safety plans for you as needed. We also provide training for your staff/management on emergency operations and incident command strategies.

School Safety Resources

We provide additional resources for schools such as safety training, safety drills, home visits for attendance and truancy or behavioral issues with students. We can assist in situations that may require an outside resource but not necessarily the police. We also mentor students to provide positive interaction with people in a position of authority. We provide presentations about drug and alcohol use, vaping, social media usage, peer pressure, bullying and restorative justice practices to 4th through 9th graders. We have a great deal of experience working with schools and our staff is very skilled in working with youth.